• 51The Wrath of Angels , Джон Коннолли (2013)
    От издателя:Nature has to be held back, and the trees kept to their domain. The trees... and what dwells among themDeep in the Maine woods, a wrecked plane is discovered. It was never… 255 грн (только Украина)

  • 52The Island of Doctor Moreau , Герберт Уэллс (2012)
    От издателя:This is the "Penguin English Library Edition" of" The Island of Doctor Moreau" by H. G. Wells.&# 039;That black figure, with its eyes of fire, struck down through all my adult… 203 грн (только Украина)

  • 53One Day at a Time , Сьюзен Льюис (2011)
    От издателя:She was only nine when her world fell apart. The struggle to understand took a lifetime. In 1960s Bristol, Susan&# 039;s family was like any other with its joys and… 224 грн (только Украина)

  • 54The Merchant of Venice , Уильям Шекспир (1994)
    От издателя:Antonio, the merchant of Venice, and Shylock the money-lender have struck a bargain whereby Shylock will lend Antonio some money provided that if Antonio cannot repay him… 79 грн (только Украина)

  • 55Keep Calm and Carry On. Good Advice for Hard Times (2009)
    От издателя:Keep Calm and Carry On was a WWII government poster discovered in a dusty box nine years ago. Though it never saw the light of day in 1939 (it was only supposed to go up if… 213 грн (только Украина)

  • 56After the Quake , Харуки Мураками (2003)
    От издателя:The economy was booming. People had more money than they knew what to do with. And then the earthquake struck. For the characters in after the quake, the Kobe earthquake is an… 320 грн (только Украина)

  • 57What are the Odds&# 63; from Shark Attack to Lightning Strike. Low Intermediate. Book with Online Access , Женевьева Коченда (2014)
    От издателя:What are the odds that you will be struck by lightning&# 63; Attacked by a shark&# 63; Become a superstar&# 63; This reader analyzes the chances of the incredible. Use your… 152 грн (только Украина)

  • 58The Penguin Book of English Song: Seven Centuries of Poetry from Chaucer to Auden , Richard Stokes (2016)
    The Penguin Book of English Song anthologizes the work of 100 English poets who have inspired a host of different composers (some English, some not) to write vocal music. Each of the chapters… 3579 руб

  • 59Get a Life , Gordimer Nadine (2006)
    When Paul Bannerman, an ecologist in Africa, is diagnosed with cancer and prescribed treatment that makes him radioactive, his suddenly fragile existence makes him question his life for the first… 1035 руб

  • 60The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    'Instantly the spirit of hell awoke in me and raged... I was suddenly struck through the heart by a cold thrill of terror.'Stevenson's short novel, published in 1886, became an instant classic. It… 294 руб